Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cute Little Hunter Boy - Labor Day Weekend 2011

Here are some pictures I took of this cute little Hunter boy on our weekend in Grants Pass, I thought I would share with you all. ~A post from Auntie Sarah

"God new that I loved you too much to be your friend, so he made me your Auntie" Aunthor Unknown

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Hunter's First Christmas, what a special time. Grandpa and Grandma Clark were here to spend Christmas with us. We had a nice quiet relaxing Christmas.


Our Christmas Eve outing. So much fun, and there wasn't very many people. The kids had a blast.

Christmas Eve Breakfast

We cooked breakfast for everyone Christmas Eve morning before we went to OMSI. We made biscuits and gravy opened gifts and headed out. "My favorite auntie made me a moose towel....CUTE!"

Pre-Christmas Klamath Visit

Enjoyed visiting friends and family we don't get to see as often as we would like. Hunter had a blast with cousin Kierya.

First Time in the Big Boy Bath

My Friend Grady

Kassee and Grady came up for a visit. We shopped, the kids played. Super fun weekend.

Into the Woods

We attempted a hunting trip into the woods. Really we just drove around and got lost. We did see some deer, they were just hanging out under the NO HUNTING sings.

Family Photos

The day after Thanksgiving everyone came to our house for dinner. We did a little photo session. CUTE!

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving 2010. We spent it at Brad and Sarah's with Mom and Dad. Fun!