Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hunter Boy's 2 Week Checkup!!!!

Hunter visited his doctor today and got a good report. He weighs 9lb 2oz and is 22 inches long. His anemia is improving and his jaundice is gone. We will continue with his iron supplement and recheck his levels in 2 weeks but if he continues to improve we can stop giving him that nasty stuff. Hunter will be thankful for that. He is such a good boy for his medicine. Bless his heart. We are so fortunate to have such a perfect baby boy. He is a great eater. He goes 3 hours between feedings through the night. Never ever fusses. Just a little whine to let mom and dad know what he needs. He is a sound sleeper. Not even barking weiner dogs disturb him. All in all a great lil boy. So far his attitude does not go along with his red hair. We sure are missing our Grandma and Grandpa Clark. They left sunday. :( Looking forward to more company this weekend though. Rick's bro and his family, Aunt Krissy, friends Kassee and Grady, then Great Gram and Gramp Clark next week. Never had this much interest in visits before Hunter came along. Hmmm, wonder who people are coming to see.

Hunter Boy