Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm pretty smiley these days. Mom just has a hard time catchin me with
her camera. Gotta be quick.

Ok so... Dad thinks monster print pants with striped soccer ball them shirts
match cause they are both blue... I think not. I had to intervene before we
went in public.
Playin with our toys.

The family bassinet.... and the blankey Arlene made us. Thanks Arlene!!!

If there was ever any question of who this little boy looks
like this picture says it all.... Sorry mom, not a chance.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom and aunt Sarah's stupid photo shoot. Do I look amused?

Look at how big I am... Sittin in my bumbo seat...

Hiking with mom and dad

My grandma Ceel is so funny!

Man she cracks me up!

Just snugglin

Fireworks are scarey. I think Ill just snuggle with my mom.

Man keep these kids out of the sun.... or bring on the sunscreen.

4th of July Family pic...

My girlfriend Krissy and me just hangin out together!!

I sure do love my grandma... Do I look comfy???

Our first family hike... 4th of July weekend!!